The Activities of Nimenefeld

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The things that we do in the SCA and in the Canton of Niemenfeld

The martial arts in the SCA fall into six styles, Archery, Equestrian, Heavy, Rapier, Siege Weapons and Thrown Weapons

Fighter Practice - Fighter practices are held at a small community center on 401 south (look in the field in the back of the building.) The practices are held on a spot outside of the main building. The practices start at 6:30pm. We typically have as many people there to socialize as to fight.

We have put N-feld fighter practices on YouTube to let new people see how cool the sport is, Nimenefeld Fighter Practice YouTube Vids. Take a look at them, come to a practice to meet the stars and other fighters. All of them would like to talk to you about SCA fighting.

Middle Ages Fighting Archery - Archery falls into two styles; Target archery where in the classic styles of bows and arrows are used to score points shooting at targets and Combat archery where an archer fights along side the other fighters in armor using arrows with various types of blunt tips and bows of low power.

Archery Practice - We are have weeky archery practices every Monday at 6:30pm until the middle of October. Call or email Baron Steafan O'Reilly - (910) 574-5499 for further information.

Equestrian - Equestrian is fighting while riding a horse. Instead of the fighters attacking each other, they strike killing blows at pells (wood and foam man-shaped objects.)

Heavy - Heavy fighters wear armor and helmets that simulate the armor worn in period. They
Middle Ages Fighting use weapons made of rattan to simulate edged weapons. As they fight if one fighter strikes another in such away that it would have been a killing blow were they using real weapons, then that fighter is honor-bound to accept the blow and die.

Rapier - Fencers fight with swords ranging from epees to schlagers, wearing armor which is modern fencing mask, hood and armor that is styled like period clothing.

Knight on horse Siege Weapons - Siege weapons are a family of device like catapult, trebuchet, ballista, etc. When the armies are having large field battle the siege weapons are arranged along the edges of the field where they can take pot shots at the fighters.

Thrown Weapons - Thrown weapons are real knives, axes, atal-atals, etc, thrown at wooden target very much like it was done in the Middle Ages.

Arts and Sciences -

Almost everything that was done in the Middle Ages as far as arts and sciences, is done by someone in the SCA. It's probably done by someone in our Kingdom. We have meetings, sewing bee's and other activities to teach and practice the various Arts and Sciences. Contact the A&S officer for more information.

A&S Night - We are currently having A&S meetings tacked on the end of bi-weekly business meetings. For further information, email Lady Elspeth Macalpin.

Some categories of Arts & Sciences

Antler, Bone, and Ivory Carving
Appliqué and Quilting
Banner Making
Bards and Troubadours;
Beads and Beadwork
Brewing and Beverages
Calligraphy and Illumination
Candle making
Clothing and Costume
Cooking and Food
Cosmetics and Hairstyles
Drama and Theatre
Embroidery and Needlework
Favors and Tokens

Fools and Jesters
Games, Pastimes, and Toys
Gardening and Herbal Arts
Lace making
s Leatherwork
Metalworking and Jewelry making
Pavilions and Tent making
Soap making
Textiles and Weaving
Woodworking, Carpentry, and Furniture

If you would want see more in-depth information about the Arts & Sciences categories that are listed here go to the Atlantian Art and Science's page

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